Using atlas-run with later versions of Confluence

I’m trying to start a dev server for one of our addons using one of the later Confluence versions. I have been experimenting back and forth, but whenever I go over version 6.3 it seems to be running into problems.

There are many mentions of JDBC and databases in the logs. Has something changed with how the memory database is used for dev servers?

Google found this one for me:

Tried the workaround, the server now starts. However nothing is served when visiting localhost:1990. Do I need to change anything to make it work with the new embedded database?

Hi, @martin.

Without changing any configuration on my machine, it defaults to http://computerName:1990/confluence; without the /confluence, the page will not be found. If you want to make sure that localhost will be used, pass --server localhost i.e. atlas-run --server localhost.



Thanks for your reply @iragudo! Unfortunately it did not work for me. Still getting 404:s from the server on http://localhost:1990/confluence.

Do I need to specify another database driver for my addon when moving to developing for Confluence 6.x to get it to play nicely with the embedded database?

It seems like I have managed to solve our server startup problems.

Reconditioning the POM with Java 1.8, AMPS 6.3.6 and AO 1.2.0 seems to have done the trick. The server now starts and serves on localhost as expected.


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