Using atlassian-connect-express with postgres

I have been developing connect addons for a while, but am trying out atlassian-connect-express for the first time. I am unable to install the addon when using postgres as my store and sequelize for my adapter. The installation times out, and I receive no feedback through the console.

My store is defined in my config.json as follows:

    "store": {
        "adapter": "sequelize",
        "type": "postgres",
        "database": "dbname",

The database is in a docker container running on my local machine. Database is dbname, user is admin.

The addon installs successfully if I use the sqlite3 adapter. Is there anything I need to do to have the addon work with postgres.

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I finally solved my own problem. The issue was the connection url. The correct format would be


Thanks for coming back with your solution!

@jan.revis @rwhitbeck
I’m facing the same issue. I have replicated the settings in the ‘store’ object above. It seems to work for production, but not development - the ‘/installed’ route times out. My DB is on a seperate server.