Using Atlassian Emoji with Jira REST API v2

Hi, we are using the JIRA REST API v2 and are trying to use Atlassian emoji, such as :thumbsup:, in the API call. However these are not rendered in the text fields of the issue.

Eg. if we wanted to add an emoji to the description field of an issue we might use the following call:

PUT /rest/api/2/issue/XX-01

    "fields": {
        "description": "Working on this :thumbsup:"

However it will not render the actual emoji. Is there any way to achieve this? I know we could use Atlassian Document Format with API v3 but we’re hoping not to make a major change like that just for emojis.

Currently we’re using standard unicode emojis, but they’re inconsistent across platforms and don’t look that great compared to the Atlassian emojis.

@Jeremiah-BigPanda, welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

Short answer: no.

The v2 API roughly corresponds to the old issue view. If you switch back to that mode, you will find that you can insert a small set of wiki-based emojis in the description. These are more like (/) and (x), not the colon delimited ones provided by the new ADF editor.

If you want full emoji support, you will have to implement ADF and v3 REST API calls.


Thanks @ibuchanan

For anyone reading this in the future you can use these emojis with the v2 API: