Using AUISelect2 closes quickedit in Service Desk project

When using auiSelect2 in a custom field, opening the select-overlay will close the quickedit-selection. This behavior happens only in Service Desk Projects, software projects work just fine.

The Velocity-Template used to create the edit-view of the custom field is also attached as a minimal sample.
The behavior does not appear when using the regular edit issue screen.screencast

The following minimal example for a customfield editing-template causes the problem to happen for me:

#customControlHeader($action $ $ $fieldLayoutItem.required $displayParameters $auiparams)
    <select name="${}:${insightFieldKey}" id="select-input-id"
        <option value="1">example 1</option>
        <option value="2">example 2</option>

        AJS.toInit(function () {
            #set($d = "$")

#customControlFooter($action $ $fieldLayoutItem.fieldDescription $displayParameters $auiparams)

Has anyone experienced this issue before, maybe found a way around it?


Hi @Leo1,

I’ve raised this issue as [AUI-5357] Using AUISelect2 closes quickedit in Service Desk project - Ecosystem Jira. Thanks for the detailed explanation of the problem! I’m not sure what the cause is at this stage, so I’ll investigate and get back to you once I know more.

In the meantime, could you let me know the version(s) of Jira and Jira Service Desk you are using? It would also help if you could check what version of AUI is present on those pages. You can check the AUI version by inspecting the <body> tag and checking the value of the data-aui-version attribute.


Hi @daz,
thank you for the help, I will keep an eye on this ticket.
Jira is version 8.13.0, JSD is 4.13.0. I will try and update those to the newest version and see if the error persists. AUI is version 9.1.0.

Another thing that i noticed: If i set the AUISelect2 to accept multiple values, quickedit only closes after actually selecting one value. No idea if that means anything.

Edit: I have confirmed that this also happens with Jira 8.16.0, JSD 4.16 and AUI 9.1.4.