Using browser features in a custom UI app

I’m a participant of the #codegeist hackathon and I’m loving the DX and tooling Atlassian offers currently, and I also like the trasparency it offers to organizations. But the inability to control the feature policy turned out to be a major blocker for us because our app’s functionality depends on audio input (microphone).

I do think that this is a limitation for tons of other apps, because without this policy apps can’t use common features like: autoplay, video/audio input, screen sharing, geolocation, fullscreen and more.

This could be easily fixed if Atlassian allowed us to specify the features we need in the manifest’s permissions property, or allowing the most common and basic features like camera and microphone. The latter only requiring one tiny change:


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Since this is constructive feedback, you could also submit it to the Forge Kanban board as an enhancement. And, definitely tag it as #Codegeist. Per the rules on the Devpost site, Forge feedback related to Codegeist will be eligible for a bonus prize.

Bonus prize rules

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