Using Confluence API in a React App

I am trying to use the Confluence API in a react application. I would like to include some confluence articles on my companies website so they will automatically update when changed and formatted using the confluence platform.

I found a npm package called confluence-react-components. It appears to be made by Atlassian, but the documentation is so bad that I have not been able to use it with any success. Is there any documentation on how best to display confluence articles in a react app?

Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Hi @KevinConnell,

I used to rely on Atlassian components, but I got rid of all of them. Documentation is either missing or misleading. Dependencies to very old components (such as styled-components v3.x). Blackbox.

Have you tried pulling the data from:

(remember to expand body to receive HTML)

I managed to successfully render Jira issue descriptions and comments with dangerouslySetInnerHTML.