Using Connect Jira and Forge Jira Together in the Same App: Is it Possible?

Can I use both Connect Jira and Forge Jira in the same app by creating separate integrations for each platform? Is it possible to use Forge Jira to perform background tasks while using Connect Jira to handle webhooks and real-time events?


You can find a documentation about this topic here.
In addition there is the following community topic:

As far as I remember there are a few limitations to this approach:

  • You can’t access settings between forge ↔ connect (app properties) directly
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We do this in a Confluence app. It is quite some work, but doable, yes.


As I am currently building a Jira app and would like to explore integrating Connect and Forge together, could you please provide more clarification on the process you have used to integrate Connect and Forge in your Confluence app? I would appreciate any insights you can provide on the steps involved, potential challenges, and best practices to ensure a successful integration. Thank you!

We have managed to create Behaviours as a forge app and integrate it into our connect app ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud with some difficulty and limitations. So technically, yes.