Using Connect modules in a new Forge app

I would like to use a Connect module in my Forge app to make an entity property searchable with CQL. I’ve added the module and Connect settings to my manifest.yml and everything is working great so far.

However, I’m wondering if there will be any issues when I try to publish my app on the Marketplace. The Migrate an app from Connect to Forge article only covers the migration of existing apps and how the manifest properties should be used to register a Forge app as a successor of a Connect app. Is it also possible to use Connect modules in a new Forge app? Which values would I have to choose for baseUrl and connect.key and are they even used if my app doesn’t have a Connect predecessor?

  - key: connect-app-server
    baseUrl: "Can I use any URL here?"
    key: "Is this key important if I don't have a Connect app?"
    remote: connect-app-server

Hi @klaussner,

There shouldn’t be any issues; the main thing I’d be wary of is the fact that changes you make to connect modules won’t be reflected in existing install sites until a re-install (see

Any URL and any key (as long as it’s not already taken by a marketplace app) should do fine. Something random would be ideal for a key so it’s unlikely to collide with anybody’s local apps.



That’s great to hear. Thanks, @jhazelwood!