Using environement varibles in the manifest.yml


As part of the " How do you let multiple developers work on the same Forge app?", I wondering if the manifest.yml file could accept environment variables ? (which would be replaced by the Forge CLI when executing commands like deploy)

My use case would be the following:

Two devs work on the app, they use forge register to have their own version of the app to work on. We also have a dedicated account to publish the app, which give us 3 different An issue can occur if a dev replace the app.key and commit it by mistake.

Using environment variables, each dev and the CI env would set a “APP_ID” variable, and the manifest contains something like:

  id: ${APP_ID}

Any thoughts on this ?


I like the idea. This looks quite similar to docker compose.

@clement_garin could you please create a ticket in Forge - Issues - Ecosystem Jira public project? This will help Forge developers prioritise this feature, and it will also let other developers subscribe to the progress.

Done: [FRGE-512] Allow sing environement varibles in the manifest.yml - Ecosystem Jira
Thanks for you feedback :wink: