Using Jira JSON Importer with ADF


I am currently working on bringing data from elsewhere into Jira.
For this I converted all old issues + custom fields to be Jira compatible apart from descriptions from within issues and comments. Those, I converted to the ADF format in hopes that I could use the Jira JSON Import Plugin to then import new issues using said format.

Sadly what ended up happening was that the importer will validate these descriptions or comment contents and deem them as “invalid” which in turn causes the import to fail.

I want to retain historic data and as such cannot just use the API which seems to support the Atlassian Document Format when editing/creating issues and comments. I need to use the importer for this.

I can also not use the importer with dummy text and then edit the API thereafter to use the Atlassian Document Format as that would alter the ticket and comment change history, which needs to remain as pristine as possible.

Is there any way to use the ADF in descriptions and comments using the Jira Import Plugin or edit an issue/comment via API without altering the last “edit” timestamp?

Nope. An edit is an edit is an edit, and every edit is timestamped.

Well, it is what it is. Thanks for the response.

I found out that the v2 API also returns the Jira wiki syntax and the importer plugin (which is able to take timestamps on import seems to support it).

My plan is now to simply convert the stuff I want to import into the wiki syntax instead of ADF and use that instead. So I at least got a workaround for my issue ^^


No problem.

Yes, using certain v2 REST API endpoints does allow you to ‘switch back’ to supplying content with markdown formatting for those fields that support it.

Also, have a look at JRACLOUD-77436 and this thread and this one for more discussion on ways of converting between markdown and ADF, and what methods and libraries can help now that the pf-editor-service endpoint has been discontinued.