Using QuickReload on actual server


as my notebook is having a hard time running confluence locally, I got admin access to a development confluence server. In the past I always used atlas-run to start my local confluence server. To Quickreload the plugin I used atlas-mvn package .
How can I use Quickreload on a confluence server which is not running locally?

You can install a copy of the quickreload-x.y.z.jar into a Confluence instance through UPM, just like uploading any other plugin. (Don’t do this on a publicly-available instance though, since it’s very insecure!)

Once you’ve done that, you can add the file to the directory into which Confluence was installed in order to point it to the reload locations. You’ll still have to find some way of getting your finished plugin JAR onto a filesystem accessible to the remote Confluence (scp, remote filesystem, etc).