Using the get groups API, where can I get the Directory ID?

The API reference here Groups, requires a Directory ID but I dont see any information on where to get this ID from. Can someone help me find this ID? I pulled what looks like an ID from my manage groups page and I get a 403 forbidden error, so I think this is the wrong ID.

I don’t think there is a way in the Jira Cloud REST API. is about finding the ID via the brower. Then hard code it :frowning:

That’s what I mean, where in the browser do I find the “Directory ID”. The API documentation doesn’t seem to reference what this ID is. Is it the Org ID? Is it some other ID? If so where do I find it? Apologies that I wasn’t clear in the original question.

Hey, today I found myself in similar situation - I was luck that I already knew directory ID from another customer of ours so I could try to find it in the rest API calls you do when you browse admin panel.

  1. You need to have at least one identity provider set up. I think that without it there is no Directory ID.
  2. Turn on debug console in browser and go to “Directory → Managed Accounts”.
  3. Find request (that’s what you actually see in the browser URL all the time when you browse admin panel).
  4. Response to this API call will contain directory ID you can use in your REST API calls.

It sadly is pretty stupid and it would be nice to have some simple method to find this directory ID via REST API (the same way we find for example workspaceID for Assets). Also I don’t understand why this Directory ID is different from the ID in the browser when you open Identity Provider - but I guess that is just an ID of that IDP settings rather than whole directory…

If you manage to find easier way, let us know!


Hi, will you be able to access this gateway API via Postman? Or is this only accessible via browser?