Using UI kit in Connect Apps

UI kit components are provided by the Forge platform, but can we use it in our Atlassian Connect Express app?


No, I don’t believe this is possible.

I would recommend checking out this topic for a good overview of the options available! @remie gives a good overview of the decision path folks can follow when deciding which pieces of Atlassian Design System to use.

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Thank you @bentley for the response.
I raise the question in context of Forge and Connect Unified where in the state 2 declared in the blogspot: the connect iframes will be replaced with Custom UI or UI kit.

So I quess this feature is not yet possible

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Yeah, that sounds right.

@jhazelwood gave a talk at Dev Day recently that provides a bit more context. He mentions a minute or so past this time mark that that feature/work is in progress now:

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Hi @Ivana1 ,

You can use Custom UI if you move your connect app onto Forge as per this page, but there are a number of limitations listed on the page that mean you probably don’t want to do that yet unless you’re aiming to do a full re-write.