Using user entity properties in JQL searches

I try to make entity properties available in JQL searches. I’m successful using this guide:

But in order to use entityType ‘user’: I change the module descriptor in the ‘atlassian-connect.json’ file to

    "jiraEntityProperties": [{
      "key": "jira-issue-tasklist-indexing",
      "name": {
        "value": "Tasks index",
        "i18n": "tasks.index"
      "entityType": "user",
      "keyConfigurations": [{
        "propertyKey": "tasks",
        "extractions": [{
          "objectName": "content",
          "type": "text"

changing only the entityType to “user”. Then the modified JQL search doesn’t work:[tasks].completed = 1 AND[tasks].content ~ "works" 

Changed RestAPI calls work. The module descriptor doesn’t lead to an error message, but I cannot search … JQL doesn’t accept as valid search term.

Are user entity properties available in JQL?

You would need to search for a specific user field, not just generic user. Instead try e.g. assignee or reporter. For example:[tasks].completed = 1

That works. But it seems to take some time until it is indexed. (First it didin’t work …)