Using whole title "Jira" or syllables of it in other projects' name


as I mentioned in my brief introduction, I am working on a project of my own.
It’s working title contains the syllable “JI” and I was wondering am I allowed to keep the working title as the official one, or it’s a violation of a trademark, or some terms and conditions, and I should figure out new one?

Hi! Have you checked the Atlassian Design Brand guidelines? It should give you some information on what you can or cannot do with the names, logo’s, etc.

We had the same question when we were renaming our add-on to Atlas CRM. We contacted Atlassian to see if they are OK with it (for obvious reasons).

I suggest you open a private issue with Atlassian, where you tell them exactly what project you’re working on and what name you are considering. It might take a bit for them to answer it, but at least you will have an official answer.

The last thing you want is to have to change the name after a couple of months.