Validate user license on Jira Cloud without actually creating a plugin


I made a javascript app which connects with Jira using REST API. Works fine on JIra Server ( a server addon is providing license details ). I need the same for Jira Cloud.

Can I check if the user bought a license for my application, without creating a Jira Cloud addon? Or do I need to create a Jira Cloud addon and host it on a server just to be able to license users?

Hello Marek

To use the REST API on the cloud instance and do not need a cloud addon.

If you are integrating directly with the Jira Cloud REST APIs it is recommended to use OAuth authentication method."
Once you have configured the OAuth consumer you can create the application link

Hi Marek,

I assume you’re asking about static connect add-on, if so, Iframe src includes a query parameter named lic, e.g.


See also

Thank you.


My application is just javascript. It works fine with jira server and cloud via rest api. No additional plugin in jira is needed. However, I would like to license it and list it on the marketplace.

If I license it via atlassian, then it seems that I would need to write 2 plugins - 1 for jira server 1 for jira cloud - which do nothing more than check the license.

If I license externally, then nothing needs to be installed in server or cloud. This is a benefit - less actions the user must take, less things that can break. However, can I then make a listing on the marketplace for my application?