Validation on Task Type

Hi Team,
I’m seeking help in Validating this scenario while creating the Issue with issue type = Task.
Scenario :
If Issue Type = Task and Task Type =ABC , i need to validate that it must have ABC link.
Can you please suggest me.Your help much appreciated.

Did you try to create validator and place it on “create” transitions for “task” issue type? You should check if issue links will be accessible during that transition - issue is not created yet, so there is chance that links won’t be accessible.

You can use a simple Scripted (Groovy) Validator from the [JMWE for Jira Server|] add-on for that, with a script like:
issue.getAsString("Task Type") != "ABC" || issue.getLinkedIssues("ABC").size() > 0

Yes,I checked the Validators on Create Transition but there is not any for checking Issue type and its Task Type …all are on validation on linked issues which check the validation on linked issues rather than current issue’s issue type and its task type.

Yes…we have JMWE …i’m trying with Simple Script Validator but i’m not very good at trying

In documentation of Script Runner you have an example of validating linked issues - you can try to use it with simple modifications. (

If you have problems to check issue type of current issue then you can clone current workflow and add this clone as workflow for “Task” type in your project’s workflow scheme.

I assume that “Task type” is one of your custom fields. Check this topic: