Var(--ds-elevation-surface-current) does not work for issue dialog's panel and works partially for Android mobile

I’d like to bring to your attention an important case where surface color detection does not yield the appropriate results for dark-theme.

When dark-theme is selected, the CSS var --ds-elevation-surface-current as well as its javascript equivalent return an incorrect value for the issue dialog.

The value return is #1D2125 which does not correspond with the background color in dark mode for the issue panel within a dialog. The result is as follows:

This issue has already been reported here in a comment thread.

The current background color of the issue dialog in dark theme is #282E33 which corresponds to the variable --ds-background-input-hovered.

On Android mobile platform, the result obtained is this:

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the HEX colors for Android. Visual confirmation is how the difference can be spotted. While the panel’s background is almost identical to the rest of the app, it is not the same.

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Hey @Archer could you please try background: inherit to see if it fixes your issue? I suspect the approach we’ve used for surface detection will need to be deprecated in the future.

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