Velocity template not reloaded


we work on a small Jira plugin, it should display number of logged hours in a small web-panel on issue page. In my local dev environment the data is automatically refreshed each time a new time is logged. As soon as we deploy our plugin to test environment - the data in velocity template is never refreshed.

I have tried to change settings of based on, but it did not help.

My questions:

  1. Is there any other settings that should be changed to make velocity template auto-reload?

  2. Should velocity.settings be the key to autoreload - how do I change its setting in target Jira instance (its not difficult to manually change it on my local environment, but how do I force these changes to test environment)?

Thank you

Explained - using Tempo Timesheet plugin to log work with “Log Time” was causing this issue. When we log work by using simply Jiras default “Log work”, web-panel is reloaded correctly