Version of AUI to include

I’d like to understand which version of AUI I should be using. The documentation states that the ‘prototyping’ files should not be used with a production deploy. Looking at the dist folder in version 8.3.2 (which is ‘stable’ according to the docs), I can see the following files:

So if I shouldn’t be using the ‘prototyping’ files, which files should I include in my HTML templates?


Hi @stevemac,

The prototyping files are named as such because they include every single component and pattern AUI offers in a single file. As such, they’re a large bundle, and may adversely affect your UI’s performance.

The ideal scenario to keep page weight low would be to compile your own bundle, including only the AUI components you need for your site. At present, this may not be straightforward to do.

Please reach out to me by email; I wold like to discuss your use-case and requirements further.


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