View Issue Page locations


Is it possible to place a panel plugin module on the View Issue page that is below or above the
Description field?

I have seen some discussion about this topic but have not found a definitive answer. The View Issue Page Locations website indicates that one location is alt.jira.view.issue.right.context. My question concerns the center or left side of the page. It would make sense that there is an alt.jira.view.issue.left.context location, but none is discussed on the website.

Hi @prfurey,

I’m going to admit that our documentation for finding locations where you can put web panels is something to be desired. I’ve recently noticed how impossible it is to find the location name you’re looking for. I think at Atlassian we’ve come to depend a little too much on @daniel’s Web Fragment Finder for JIRA to help us find extension point location names.

To answer your question there is indeed an atl.jira.view.issue.left.context location and you can position it within that column by setting the weight property. Here’s the issue view with Web Fragment Finder enabled, you can see at the bottom of each column the web panels with the names of the locations for each.

With that said I’m looking to improve the docs for locations as part of my teams mission to improve the developers docs.

Hope that helps,


That does help! Knowing that left.context is an acceptable location helped me resolve a related problem I was having.


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