Viewport for JSM portalSubheader won't dynamically resize

The workaround suggested in [FRGE-355] - Ecosystem Jira , is to remove the module viewportSize from the manifest.yml . Is the support only for Jira modules? I am using the portalSubheader module which was recently added as a Forge module.

The portalSubheader module’s custom-ui is always rendered with a iFrame height of 262px even though the viewportSize is removed from the manifest

I want an option to dynamically resize the module based on content.


We had a bug connected with this problem that was fixed a few days ago. It should be in production in a few days and that should fix the issue you are describing.


@mszpyra ,

I see that new properly has been introduced in Forge release - dated Jun 9, 2022
page property name which had the number property type

This should help us resolve the issue.

However the viewportSize still still remains in this release.