Vision for the sub menu in new jira experience

Hello folks,

I am working on a Jira & Confluence Cloud add-on. I want to make use of the new sidebar in Jira’s new experience. I want to nest menu’s inside of the sidebar. Nesting more than 1 menu isn’t supported in the old design with the menu bar on top. What is the recommended way to go about doing this? Should I wait until everyone is over on the new experience?


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@dmeyer, @kewilliams can we safely assume that all customers are using ADG 3 by now?

Hi @f.demir & @Maarten,
(Thanks for pinging me Maarten)

Right now, the majority of our Jira Cloud customers are still using the old experience.

We are rolling out slower than initially planned while we improve the overall experience prior to actively encouraging all users to migrate.

At this stage, I would recommend building an add-on with only 1 nested level, so it is compatible with both the old and new experience. I would also keep an eye on this community forum, as I’ll be posting roll out milestones here once they are met.


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Thanks for letting us know @kewilliams! I was under the assumption that most people were already using the new experience, good thing we checked to make sure.

What is the best channel to follow news on the ADG3 rollout?


Right here on the Jira Development>Jira Cloud space :slight_smile: