Volunteers Needed: Tell us your story on the Atlassian Developer Blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Aryan Lohia, and I am a Product Marketing Intern on the Ecosystem Marketing Team. I wanted to reach out and ask all of you for a favor.

I’m launching a new content series: Code Campfire. We’re interviewing developers who build Atlassian apps to find out what makes them tick and how they got where they are today. Think of it like meeting a new friend and hearing about their story — only on the developer blog instead of over a coffee.

The only criteria to participate is that you’ve built an Atlassian app — that’s it! We want to highlight a variety of experiences, whether you’re new to software development or you remember the glory days of BASIC.

Here are a few sample interview questions to get your ideas flowing:

How did you come up with the idea of building your app? What problems do you hope to solve for your customer?

If you had to explain your app in a haiku, how would you do it?

Tell us about a bug that almost had you beat, and then how you solved it.

What does being a developer mean to you? How did you get started?

Did you learn any unexpected skills while on your way to the Atlassian Marketplace?

Is there a person who helped you get where you are today in your career?

What drives you and motivates you to build (Atlassian) apps?

If you’re interested in participating, leave a comment with your name and the link to your Atlassian Marketplace app down below. Also, tell us what makes your app unique!

I’ll get in touch about the next steps to create and publish your story. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Hi Aryan,

I’ll be happy to volunteer.

Our original app: Easy Agile TeamRhythm (formerly User Story Maps) | Atlassian Marketplace

Our app is unique in that it pioneered Story Mapping in Jira.


Hi Aryan,

We are in.
Our app is Resource Planning, Project Management, Gantt Chart for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace

Its resource scheduler is flexible and has unique UIUX for the customers compare to others.


Hi Aryan

Happy to participate and talk about EasyTime - Automatic time tracking for Jira tracking app

Hi @AryanLohia ,
happy to talk about my experience building Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE), an app built by a single developer that remained in the top 5 best selling apps for both Jira Server/DC and Jira Cloud for years.

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Hi @AryanLohia

I’m happy to participate and talk my apps Jenkins Integration for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace and Jenkins Integration for Jira - Lite | Atlassian Marketplace

The app is the original Jenkins integration app for all Jira flavours that started out as a hobby in 2008 to overcome integration shortcomings I faced.


Hi @AryanLohia !
We will be delighted to volunteer!. :slight_smile:

What makes Projectrak unique?
Project tracking; Issues are in Jira but project data are in Projectrak, without Projectrak, projects in Jira are just a box of issues.

:wave:t4: Leo

One thing I would note, there are many talented developers in the ecosystem that are not necessarily the original app author. There are dozens working on ScriptRunner :wink:

Given the requirements of this initial series, I’ll see if I can lure @jechlin out of his superyacht :ship:


I would be happy to volunteer.

Markdown Macro is unique because I actually wrote the v1 as a participant of ship-it when I worked at Atlassian, and then got a license from Atlassian to operate the app after I left the company.

Superyacht getting some expensive repairs, so sure, count me in.


If I’m allowed to volunteer myself as an author of ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud then I’m happy to.

ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is unique in allowing customers to build custom integrations between Jira and any internet accessible 3rd party service. I think it also has one of the largest customer bases on Forge too.

Thanks, Jon Bevan


It might be interesting to have a joint blog with @jechlin and @jbevan for ScriptRunner DC/Cloud

Hi Aryan,

We are excited to participate in the Code Campfire series! :blush: Our Atlassian app is the projectdoc Toolbox, and you can find more information about here:

If I had to explain the app (projectdoc Toolbox) in a haiku, it would be:

In Confluence blooms,
projectdoc Toolbox blossoms,
Agile docs flourish

Looking forward to hearing from you about the next steps!


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Hi @AryanLohia,

Happy to join!
Our app is Timetracker - Time Tracking & Reporting for Jira.


Hi @AryanLohia,

We also would like to participate. Our app is Power Retro an agile retrospective tool:

Regards Gabor

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Hi @AryanLohia

We would like to participate with our app: Issue Template for Jira - Summary & Description Templates

Tell us what makes your app unique!

Our app is probably the most popular Forge apps built by partners (i.e excluding Atlassian official apps)

:wave: Nar

Hi @AryanLohia !
Code Campfire and good talks… If there are S’Mores also – count us in! We’d like to participate with Microsoft 365 for Jira - Outlook Email, Teams, Calendar | Atlassian Marketplace

Microsoft 365 for Jira brings your teams together. The app facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between Jira and Microsoft tools. Moreover, we’d love to talk about our development strategy and roadmap next to the Code Campfire.


Hi @AryanLohia ,

I do believe that at Elements we have some interesting stories to tell about developing our recent Forge app and also about one interesting project (in progress) that we are building with Connect on Forge.


Hi Anton!
Apologies for the late response, but we would love to interview you for your app! We would need to hear a response from you by the end of the day Friday if you are interested. Please book a time on my calendar for an interview: Calendly - Aryan Lohia

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