We released new dashboard location for BackgroundScript module

Now we let your app render a hidden panel on a dashboard page to listen for events, poll for changes, or otherwise run code that consumes the JavaScript API. This allows your app to execute its functionality without adding unnecessary UI elements to the page.

See the Background script reference documentation for more details.


@mszpyra - this is great. Will this be available for other screens as well, besides issue view and dashboards?


Does this support launching of dialogs using the AP iframe connector? Last I checked it wouldn’t allow background scripts to launch dialogs.

There are currently no plans to add this functionality to more screens.

@mszpyra can you elaborate on the reasoning for why this isn’t being added to more screens?
This seems like a trivial thing to add, given that it provides no visuals that need to be accounted for.

Nothing in Jira is trivial :stuck_out_tongue: @ademoss could you share more context, why do you need it? how you will use it? Do you have any particular use cases in mind?

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@JakubMierzewski - it’s the same use case I’ve been asking Atlassian about for about 4 years now :slight_smile:

I have a plugin that allows Jira admins to show announcements to users. Currently this is limited to Jira Dashboards and Issue view, and I am unable to show anything on any other screen.

I was hoping that this new functionality might allow me to bridge that gap, and finally launch a dialog on other screens :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! Will integration with notifications or banner extensibility work for you too? Research about apps which can work across the whole Jira is on our radar.

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Let me add my 2c:
In our app we have a need to notify user about some action being done or completed in the background. I.e. imagine a ‘stopwatch’ app that allows users to start/stop timers for various tasks. When the timer finishes, we would like to show some kind of notification: on issue view pages we can do that by throwing AP.flag.create. However, if the user is currently viewing something other in Jira (i.e. board/backlog view with no issue side-view), we’re unable to notify the user.

A background script that could be plugged into others screens as well (besides issue view or dashboards) seems to be useful for that case.


not entirely sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?

Research about apps which can work across the whole Jira is on our radar

Excellent. Would love to find out more if you have anything to share/chat about yet.

Just want to say: Thanks for adding this feature to Connect as well as Forge =).
So existing apps can take advantage of new capabilities.


@JakubMierzewski / @mszpyra - do you have an answer to the question @jlaramie asked? Should it be possible to launch dialogs from a background script?

integration with notifications or banner extensibility

I was referring to Jira banner and Jira notifications for extensibility of both we are gathering interest (no plans for now)

Excellent. Would love to find out more if you have anything to share/chat about yet.

Thanks It would be great to do a spring session once we have some mocks to share

Thanks for the clarification.

The Jira Banner itself is useless to us, but the location is great. I would love to be able to use that location to show content from my plugin :slight_smile:

As for integrating with Jira notifications… that would certainly be interesting, and provide for some new ways to expand our plugin.

To the best of my knowledge it should work. I’ll test it next week and comeback with definite answer.

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