We want to allow users to vote on issues they’ve reported

What is changing?

We are looking to make a modification to the the add vote endpoint and the delete vote endpoint. In the past, we had a restriction in place where users were unable to vote on issues they reported. When the authenticated user attempted to vote on an issue that they were the reporter a 404 would be returned. We want to lift this restriction so that issue reporters are able to vote on issues where they are the reporter.

Why is it changing?

As part of a recent round of user research, we discovered that this restriction is not required by users and in some cases inhibits their use of Jira. As we look to bring back the voting feature in the new issue view, we will look to unblock workflows by allowing issue reporters to vote. Despite our focus on the new issue view, this API change will reach both the old and new issue views.

What do I need to do?

Please determine whether your app uses the add vote endpoint or the delete vote endpoint. If either are in use, please assess how 200 and 404 responses are handled to understand if allowing reporters to vote on an issue will impact your app.

We do not anticipate this change will cause any breaking changes. If you find an example of a breaking change in your app, please comment on this post to let us know by 9 Oct 2020. In the case that we are not informed of any breaking changes, we will look to release this change to production from 12 Oct 2020. If breaking changes are found, we will reassess the magnitude of the change and advise of a later date that we will release these changes to production.


That’s a nice change going in the right direction.
One more suggestion - please do something with the “+1” commenting that is a plague in public JIRA reported issues, as every “+1” notifies all watchers of the ticket.

My personal idea/preference:

  • when I hit “vote” for issue, I want to get notified via email on status changes of this issue
  • when I want to watch the comments, I will use “watch” functionality