Web Condition injection fails in Confluence 7.0.1

We are migrating our corporate theme to the new confluence version 7.0.1 and found, that at least the bundled ActiveThemeCondition is not injected anymore because of the changed injection behaviour (constructor injection). Perhaps other bundled web conditions are affected too.

Hi @MichaelAmmann please take a look at the following docs which list out the component types affected by the changed injection behaviour

I know the documentation. My question was, if the Conditions in confluence-core (especially the mentioned ActiveThemeCondition) will be fixed. Or is this condition deprecated and we need to replace it by fixed clone?

Oh my bad @MichaelAmmann , I am a bit of a dyslexic here , I misread your question.
Yes you are absolutely right, ActiveThemeCondition is affected by the changed injection behaviour , it fell through the cracks somehow .
I will be pushing for a fix this week , thanks a lot for reaching out !