Web item not working every time(bug?) in jira.navigator.pluggable.items


I and my team are working on a new feature for our app and wanted to add a custom menu to this location: https://{instance}.atlassian.net/issues/

W successfully added it but encountered a problem. If I select and click any issue on the list and then click return, the menu no longer shows up, as seen in the gif below

Here is the code responsible for creating this modal:

"webItems": [
        "location": "jira.navigator.pluggable.items",
        "weight": 200,
        "styleClasses": [
        "url": "/custom-page",
        "context": "addon",
        "target": {
          "type": "inlinedialog",
          "options": {
            "width": "317px"
        "tooltip": {
          "value": "tooltip"
        "icon": {
          "width": 16,
          "height": 16,
          "url": "/images/icon-small.png"
        "name": {
          "value": "name"
        "key": "some-key"

Does anyone know what is causing this behavior? Is this a bug or a wrong implementation?


Hi @KamilParzyjaga,

Thanks for flagging this. I’ve managed to reproduce it and I’ve raised it with the development team here: [ACJIRA-2414] webItems with inlinedialog as target and "jira.navigator.pluggable.items" as location don't always load - Ecosystem Jira

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