Web panel on the JIRA Service Desk - Customer portal requires a manual browser reload to display

I have a web panel on JIRA Service Desk - Customer Portal, which doesn’t load automatically on navigating to the page but on manual browser reload the web panel comes up. The web panel used to work properly with older JIRA versions like 8.15,8.14 and so on.

With the JIRA version 8.16 and JIRA Service Management version 4.16 and later, this problem of browser reload came up.
On further debugging, I found the default context Map which JIRA Context Provider gives, is showing non-consistent results. Before manual browser reload the default Map values contain only requestID (customer request’s id) and User (customer name) but after reload the default Map values contain Service Desk details related keys too like project-id, project-name etc.

I require service desk project-id and project-key for my web panel logic. But why a manual reload is required to load the web panels, why isn’t they are working on the first go ?

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