Web resource context for creating issues

I’ve been successfully using the “jira.create.issue” context to cause some JavaScript to run on the Create Issue page in JIRA. But there’s a problem: the Create Issue page can be opened in a pop-up - like when you hit the Create button on JIRA’s dashboard. It seems that the “jira.create.issue” context does not work when the Create Issue page opens in a pop-up. I tried using the “jira.popup” context and the “atl.popup” context, but that didn’t cause my JavaScript to download when the Create Issue popup was presented.

I’m thinking that I will need to use the “jira.general” context, which seems nuts to me because that means my JavaScript will be downloaded in a whole lot of situations where it isn’t needed. Am I understanding this right?

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I too at some point tried to limit the download of javascript files to specific areas of JIRA but I always found edge cases where it wouldn’t work (e.g. popups). So in the end, I finally opted for “alt.general”. There’s is this old but still active documentation which states that developers should use “alt.general”. See the “In the future” section completely at the end of this article.