WebFragment Finder and JSD (and Software)

For those of you that are using WebFragment Finder for JIRA in Cloud - I just added the JSD and JIRA Software locations to it.

In case anyone is curious how it gets generated, the Web Fragment Finder for Server could be started up with a special parameter which would make it dump out the descriptor on disk and then make the JIRA instance exit. We ran this nightly, however JSD is “special” (in a good way) since it’s a good Add-On citizen and doesn’t install itself fully until there’s valid license. This has now been changed so we can generate the descriptor from a specified url which then gets uploaded.

The current descriptor is based on JIRA 7.5.0 with JSD, Jira Software installed.

Please let me know if you run into any issues (i.e. bad locations etc).


Thanks, Daniel!

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