Webhook API Type library

Typescript might be a unique ask here. Maybe it’s better to flavour this ask for multiple languages.

However, personally using typescript to consume webhooks,( webhook event payload documentation ), it would be nice to have a types library to work with these.

For now creating my own, but as new versions are released it would be easier to upgrade knowing we had a supported types library.

Maybe one exists and I just haven’t found it?

Hi @BrettSwift, welcome to dev community!

We don’t offer any official repository with typings for the webhooks. You mentioned that you had created own typings. Maybe you would like to create a repository on Bitbucket Cloud or Github and share those with the open-source community? This is the list of projects that are targeted with the #bitbucket-server tag on GH: https://github.com/topics/bitbucket-server

I bet if people are interested in using that they will contribute and help you with maintaining the new versions. Good luck and let me know if you decided to share it!