Webhook data send by Confluence cloud is invalid JSON

Hi All,

I have created addon in confluence cloud that gives me webhook data on any change in page or blog,
The data received is invalid JSON format, below is the data mentioned I receive

Executing (default): SELECT `id`, `clientKey`, `key`, `val` FROM `AddonSettings` AS `AddonSetting` WHERE `AddonSetting`.`key` = 'clientInfo' AND `AddonSetting`.`clientKey` = '299e7469-fb13-335c-8848-5b362913375c' LIMIT 1; { plain: true,
raw: false,
logging: [Function],
where: '`AddonSetting`.`key` = \'clientInfo\' AND `AddonSetting`.`clientKey` = \'299e7469-fb13-335c-8848-5b362913375c\'',
limit: 1,
hooks: true,
rejectOnEmpty: false,
originalAttributes: [ 'id', 'clientKey', 'key', 'val' ],
attributes: [ 'id', 'clientKey', 'key', 'val' ],
tableNames: [ 'AddonSettings' ],
type: 'SELECT',
model: AddonSetting,
uuid: 'default',
inMemory: 1,
readWriteMode: undefined }

I have added credentials in my credentials.json file and my webhook object in Atlassian-connect.json is mentioned below.

 “modules”: {
	“webhooks”: [
			“event”: “page_created”,
			“url”: "/page-created"

And how do get webhook notification on different url,
Can someone please help me to solve this issue.

Kuldeep Kushwaha

Can you paste the code where this sql statement is being output into the console?

I assume you’re using Atlassian Connect Express with SQLite3?

I am not using sql statement its just the code I have added in modules object in Atlassian-connect.json which is mentioned above but the after running my framework when I create a page in my account the webhoook data is improper and is mentioned above.