Webhook Manager

tl;dr I made a UI for managing Trello Webhooks.

In the past I’ve worked on several iterations of a webhook manager for myself. Today, I thought I would share it.

I tried to make it in one single html file. This may not be best practice, but something about the simplicity really appealed to me. You perhaps can take the html file and host it yourself, or use the link above or you can take this single file and put it on your machine and you’re good to go (Though, you’ll have to use the Personal Authorization option and supply your own key and token.)

I went as far as registering a domain for it and placed my single file out there for anyone to use. Here’s the github repo for those that are interested. I’m always looking for contributors. :wink:

I do plan on adhering to the Atlassian Design System in the future. I haven’t yet because that will most certainly break my “one page” niceness. However, I do want to try and see if they’ll let me in the integrations club; that might be neat.

Anywho, have a good one folks!


:heart: This is great!

I’ve heard a want for this from many folks who aren’t comfortable managing webhooks with raw HTTP requests. Will definitely point future folks here!

Thanks! @bentley - I’ve been working on the UI a bit lately and changing things to match the Design System, but I am having trouble accessing the fonts. I’m blocked by restricted access. Can you point me in the right direction?

The closest thing you can get to Trello-y styles is here: https://p.trellocdn.com/power-up.css.

Documented more here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/trello/guides/power-ups/trello-styles/

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Thanks @bentley!

If I can implement this, will I be eligible to submit this for the integrations?

Yeah - definitely.

I don’t think you actually need to update styles. It looks pretty good as-is.

Feel free to submit it here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/trello/guides/community/submit-your-integration/


Submitted! :crossed_fingers:

Hot dog! I made it!

Thanks @bentley!

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Nice! @ValentynLoiko deserves the real thanks. He manages the submissions :slight_smile: