Webhook sending corrupted data

One of my customers is receiving corrupted data as part of the JSON payload for a webhook.

The JSON starts:

 "user":<html><head>    <title>Unauthorized (401)</title>

Anyone come across this before?

EDIT: Now that customer is getting 401s on the get Issue REST calls (they weren’t the day before)


Hi @paul ,

I’ll reach out to the Jira Server team to see if they can help.


Thanks @dmorrow . The customer has contacted support since I’m unable to reproduce the error. Support thought it was a basic auth problem and that we needed to change from using. We don’t use it so I have given the customer some text to put in the issue explaining that we use a JWT token.

They were also randomly getting 401s on REST API calls as well. Seems like something is fundamentally wrong with their install.