Webhook won't emit, incomplete docs for comment_created granular permissions?

We dynamically register a webhook from our 3LO app with granular OAuth 2 scopes. It uses a simple JQL filter project = <id>. When we request the events

  • jira:issue_updated
  • jira:issue_created
  • jira:issue_deleted

we receive all the events we expect to see. If we re-create the webhook with the same events plus these additional three:

  • comment_created
  • comment_updated
  • comment_deleted

then we suddenly stop getting any events, not even the ones related to issues. This only started happening after we switched our app to granular scopes.

We studied closely the documentation in the Webhooks Guide and granted our app all the required scopes for all 6 event types. However, the behaviour we see makes us believe there may be scopes missing from the documentation:

To receive a registered webhook, an app must be granted all the scopes for all the events in the webhook.

Hi @AdrianGhizaru,

thanks for your report!
I have compared the docs and documentation and it looks like we require read:project-role:jira instead of read:role:jira, which is documented so it looks that you are right.

I will reach out to a team that introduced the change to double check with scope is expected.
In the meantime can you confirm that with read:project-role:jira you can receive the webhooks?


I have confirmed with a team and definitely, it should be read:project-role:jira.
Fix for the docs should be deployed soon.

Thank you very much, for reporting the issue.

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