Webhooks for Atlassian instance removal

We recently noticed that there doesn’t seem to be any uninstall event sent out to Atlassian cloud connect apps when:

  • The Atlassian instance is removed
  • Jira, Confluence or JSD is removed from the Atlassian instance

If this is a correct finding from our side - is there a way to get notified on these events so that we can clear data from our database for that customer when they clearly cannot use our app anymore?

See When should I be deleting a tenant's data?

Basically you have to poll to see if there are any changes. Don’t know if there are any alternative ideas from @cmacneill or @HeyJoe .

Yes, this is the current state and nothing has changed in what I wrote on that posting.

Thanks @danielwester!
I did test to implement a job that would do the poll. I then cross checked customers that I would remove from our database with marketplace data. Unfortunately a few on the list of customers that I got an unsuccessful poll for had active commercial subscriptions. Is this something that you have encountered? Worth mentioning is that this wasn’t a temporary fluke but persisted at least two days.

Yep, you’ll get those. I think those are:

  • Customers that have uninstalled because they’re troubleshooting
  • Customers that are seeing if they can uninstall the app…
  • Customers that have uninstalled and cancelled - but the marketplace hasn’t caught up in their reporting yet

You’ll also get the other way around (which is scarier): You’ll have access to instances that you don’t have a license for. Atlassian’s AddOn Manager unfortunately encourages this. :frowning:

The advice I’ve been given by Atlassians - poll every day and then after X days of continuous no access and no license - then you’re probably safe… I think Atlassian is doing their clean up after 60 days? (Note the think here).

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Thanks so much for your responses here, they’ve been very helpful!