Webhooks issues related payload - timestamp

Hey all,
Couldn’t find in the documentation any info about the payload ‘timestamp’ property,
this timestamp represents the modified field time or maybe the webhook fired time?
although it’s probably pretty similar in time meaning, it’s important for us to understand what time this timestamp represents.


@KobbyMaman Welcome to the community. Now that’s an interesting question. I’d wager (a small sum) that the timestamp represents the time that the original event executed, not the webhook fire time. Why? Because timestamp on the webhook payload is always equal (down to the millisecond) of the recorded timestamp on the GET changelogs entry.

That being said, in my handful of tests, the webhook fired instantaneously… so, rather than place a wager, I’ll ping the Jira team to get the bona fide answer. :slight_smile:

@KobbyMaman Verified that it is indeed the time that the triggering change took place.

great! thanks a lot!