WebItems location system.editor.precursor.buttons breaks the default Confluence user interface

I am trying to use WebItems in page editor, looks like system.editor.precursor.buttons is the only option available.

Unfortunately, this completely breaks the Confluence UI. When an app is installed, the default icons alignments are messed up and Unrestricted text appears (see screenshot).

Note, this is not caused by long system.editor.precursor.buttons text, it also happens when I simply use just icons without text.

Hi @chhantyal,

Another partner flagged this with us some time ago and here is a bug report for this problem:

I couldn’t find any workaround for this except using a different WebItem.


Hi Caterina, thanks for sharing the ticket. However, it is very unfortunate that the ticket was created 2 years ago and yet no action.

Can we maybe change the priority? There are no other UI locations in page edit, so it is very important that this sole location works properly.

Hi @chhantyal,

I totally understand your point. I don’t think that changing the priority will lead to a faster resolution on this one.

After commenting here, I’ve sent a message to the team responsible for this fix asking for an update. If there is any news, they will update the ticket directly.