WebTrigger not working with resolver

Hi ,
We are developing a forge UI-Kit-2 confluence application with web trigger, With web trigger we want to execute a resolver method to read data from storage, But when the application load we get issues after webtrigger is implemented. Could you please help to solve this issue?

Even before calling to loadScheduleList(), We are getting the same issue

My thoughts:

  1. remove the quotes around the webtrigger and scheduledTrigger functions in your manefest.yml file.
  2. make sure that your both the webtrigger and scheduledTrigger function values are the same
  3. finally, in your modules > function, have only one -key and one handler where the key should be the same as I stated in 2. and then your handler can be ‘anyfile.functionName’

Hi Victor ,
I have changed my code and simplified it ( remove the schedule trigger for now ). But I am still getting an issue.


  1. If I remove the invoke call from test.js file (line number 5-7) then WebTriggerHandler() executes and prints the console.log(). The error only happens when I add an invoke call

  2. I have changed the value of the snapshot to false (otherwise it fails at the deployment stage)

  3. This is UI-KIT-2 project

when I remove the snapshot entry from manifest.yml and run forge deploy --verbose , I get following error

Hi Jay, I see it now. The problem with this code now is that, you can only call the invoke function on the frontend of your application.