Webtrigger size limitations?

Trying to put together a quick Forge app for internal purposes.

I need to have the webtrigger respond back with a json document but it looks like there’s a size limitation around 237k ? Apart from the fact that webtriggers are probably not meant for this purpose - just curious what the content size limitation might be? (The DataBufferLimitException from spring framework isn’t that useful :wink: ).



Hi Daniel,
There seems to be a limit imposed by the framework we are using. We are suspecting it is the max in-memory buffer size, but we haven’t had a chance to verify it. That was the main reason we haven’t responded here before, as we were hoping to get to this earlier.
We will try set this limit at something reasonable, like 1MB, and document it properly. I will update this thread once we have made the change.
However, I am interested to know if there a particular use case you had in mind that wouldn’t work with the proposed 1MB limit?