Webui link of an attachment does not show the attachment anymore

Dear Atlassian team,

did you notice that the webui link returned by various REST responses can’t be used to show an attachment anymore? When you use it the page opens but not the preview as in former times.


The webui looks as follows: /spaces/CLOUDDEV/pages/3473450/SVG+direct?preview=%2F3473450%2F114426000%2F86f27_1_MindMapFromDrawIOw.png

The link to show an attachment however seems to be: /pages/viewpageattachments.action?pageId=3473450&preview=/3473450/114426000/86f27_1_MindMapFromDrawIOw.png

Thank you


Thanks @andreas1 for reporting this. I’ve raised a CONFCLOUD ticket with the engineering team.

You can follow it here https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-72065