Webwork in Forge

In atlas SDK Webwork is available:

webwork plugin module defines a URL-addressible ‘action’, allowing JIRA’s user-visible functionality to be extended or partially overridden.

Are you planning to add something like " Webwork" into Forge?



Although intriguing, this will definitely not happen. The webwork actions are only available in the P2 plugin development framework for Server/DC products. Connect/Forge are for Atlassian Cloud products only.

You can only enhance the UI of Atlassian Cloud products on pre-defined extension points. This is done for security & usability but mostly architectural reasons. Atlassian Cloud is a multi-tenant environment, which means that it is not suitable for features like WebWork actions or other customisations that are available on a single-tenant Server/DC environment (like web resources).

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Thanks for reply.

Then I understand that will not be possible make app config page with Forge.

I don’t think that’s quite what Remie meant. I think he meant that your use case will eventually have an answer but that it will not be via Webwork as a technology. For example you can already use Forge to make settings configuration pages for Confluence: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/manifest-reference/modules/#confluence-space-settings

thanks Robert,

I was thinking about the idea of webwork (a page and actions handled) than the framework per se.

Now the is not any “page” or “webpage” module for Jira in Forge.

Do u think that will be something like that available on the future?

thanks again.

Well… to some extend you could argue that Forge is already a form of Webwork implementation. It has a template language (Forge UI), it has server-side rendering. Connect has URL-addressable actions in a sense that you can call <INSTANCE_URL>/plugins/servlet/ac/<APP_KEY>/<MODULE_KEY> and it will load that module into the view, but I don’t expect this to be ported to forge as it works differently.

Forge/Connect does not have vanity urls (which can be achieved with WebWork, Servlet or UrlRewrite modules in P2), and this is not something Atlassian Cloud will ever support due to it’s multi-tenant architecture.

We are working on Global Page Extension for Administrators. https://trello.com/c/5b7wfXX5/131-global-page-extension-for-admins. When it comes to Global Page Extensions for Users we have it on the radar and we gathering requests. Right now we don’t know when we will start work on it.


Hi @Xavifernandez, I come here today, and I believe that the jira:adminPage is what you are looking for.