Weekly GDPR API status development - May 17

Update on the roll out of new Bitbucket Cloud, Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud APIs

Bitbucket APIs Bitbucket API roll out did not start this week. They’ve updated the target date for a small cohort of Bitbucket customers on 2019-05-22T16:00:00Z.

Jira APIs We resumed roll out of the APIs to ~37% of Atlassian Connect apps for Jira on 2019-05-12T14:00:00Z with little to no impact on our Customer Support volume. We have increased the roll out percentage to ~56% of Atlassian Connect apps for Jira on 2019-05-16T14:00:00Z. All of the apps that have opt’d in so far have signaled gdpr:true. We will continue to roll out to apps that have not signaled gdpr:false next week on 2019-05-22T14:00:00Z. The APIs have only been rolled out to Connect Apps and not direct calls to the REST APIs. If you are making direct calls to the REST API and want to use the new API behaviors you will still need to add the following header to your REST call: x-atlassian-force-account-id:true. Apps that have been rolled out to do not need to use the header to get the new API behavior.

Confluence APIs will not change until May 29, 2019 9:00 AM .

Next up: Profile Visibility Controls

Update: For those of you currently testing profile visibility controls, we had to temporarily turn off the functionality providing profile visibility controls due to performance issues. We believe we have resolved the performance issues and you can continue to test.

In addition, the target date for the roll out of profile visibility controls has been delayed due to some additional work we need to do to prepare JSD. The target date for launch of profile visibility controls is now 2019-06-11T07:00:00Z.

This means that if you are currently testing you have additional time to test. We will close the testing window on 2019-05-27T07:00:00Z.

As a reminder, the API roll out mentioned above will not affect the profile data returned thru user objects. If you’ve tested the API behaviors using the Jira REST header x-atlassian-force-account-id:true and/or Confluence query parameter privacyMode=true and the Atlassian Connect descriptor flag gdpr:true , then you should be familiar with the changes that will start rolling out next week.

Following the roll out of the new APIs, we intend to release a new feature for Atlassian Account which may change the data returned thru user objects. Certain fields like timezone and email address may be hidden by a user and not return in the user object. Additionally, the user may decide to show only public versions of their name or avatar.

All of these changes including the default settings are documented in these guidelines .

If you are interested in testing profile visibility controls before we release them (target end of May) we can set up a developer instance for you. Please raise a DEVHELP ticket .

If your app requires use of email address to provide core functionality, please raise a request to access the email API. Should you use the email API without raising a request your app may be prevented from being installed .

Thank you

As always, thank you for working with us through these changes. Its been a large amount of work to complete in a short timeframe and we appreciate you helping us deliver a more trusted experience for customers.

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