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About Compass

Compass helps software teams document and navigate their distributed architecture, bringing disconnected information about engineering output and the teams collaborating together in a central, searchable location.

We’re passionate about exposing all aspects of Compass’ product via UI modules in Forge and Atlassian’s GraphQL API. The Compass integration model is backed by Forge and so all apps must be built on the Forge platform.

While in Alpha, Compass is a free product, and therefore apps for Compass do not currently support billing and licensing.

To get in contact with the Compass ecosystem team directly to explore co-marketing opportunities, reach out to Dave Parrish dparrish@atlassian.com.

Getting Started

Get started building Compass applications on Forge at https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/compass/integrations/get-started-integrating-with-Compass/.

Get started with the GraphQL API at https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/compass/graphql/.

Asking Questions

We’re here to help. Because Compass is still in development, things may be changing. But we’re eager to answer any questions you have as you explore building.