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FWIW, when I click on the Jira Development link in the original post, I get

Access Denied
while trying to load /c/JIRA/find_by_slug.json

However, if I cmd-click it, to open in another tab, it opens.

Chrome under OSX.

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Hey @martin.gregory,

Thanks for the heads-up, I fixed the link and it should now work correctly.
This was caused by the renaming of JIRA to Jira (lower case).

Hi All,

Im looking for an API which returns the DATA for Board and Project relations. Like What are all the Board associated in a Project or the Vice Versa. I found the below URL


But this is not working. Also there is a latest version 2 API also comes up which doesn’t contains any API which returns Board data.

Please help me with a working API that can return Board and Project relation.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi @sajivsriraamp,

Can you please post your question as a separate topic in either the Jira Cloud or the Jira Server development categories?

It will help you get an answer faster and will help others with the same problem to find your question and the possible solution.


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hi All,
I am facing an issue while downloading SDK https://marketplace.atlassian.com/download/plugins/atlassian-plugin-sdk-windows. it shown corrupt error message while executing downloaded file . Attaching Screenshot for the same.
Please help me to resolve this issue.

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welcome to our developer community.
This is the welcome topic where people can introduce themselves, but it’s less effective for asking questions.

Can you please move your question over to the Developer Tools Category?

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Hello, I’m new in Atlassian, and here for a long time , I hope.
I’'m an old (56 y.o) trainee for Ugubi-Otonomiz and I want them to pick me up for their plugins development team. Discovering JiraCloud, I’m experiencing errors and others pleasant things but I like it a lot, I love to find solutions.
I had some help from your community by reading tickets, I hope I could help others some day.
I live in the Bask Country, and send you all my greetings for this new year of development.
Best regards.


Hi! I’am happy to join this great community.


So happy I found this developer community I love using Atlassian’s development tools. :slight_smile:


A very warm welcome to the community. I’m sure you’ll find it rewarding.


Are unanswered questions scanned by Atlassian staff from time to time to help developers to come to a solution?

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