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How can I add new tags? So far I only see very generic tags and I don’t understand how to add new ones.

And am I right, that this editor is neather Confluence nor JIRA rich text editor? Confused.


Hey Holger,

Thanks for asking, I just checked our settings and it seemed that we made a mistake on the tag settings.
I immediately corrected it.

From now on, people who have been active in the community and earned trust level 1 will be able to create tags in the tag box at the bottom of the editor. You are one of them.

You are right, we are using Discourse as the tool driving this community, so it’s indeed a different rich text editor.



Yes, tagging is working fine now.

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I wanted to provide the feedback about the use of colors in this site.

There is a lot of text in blue color but not all blue colored text is clickable. For example, in the left section of the home page category descriptions are in blue as well as a number of topics in these categories are in blue but not clickable. On the right side (“Latest” column) the same color is used for a number of replies but these texts are clickable.

The default convention on the web is to use blue text for clickable links. I suggest changing non-clickable texts to black/gray or some other color.

Kind regards,


@pvandevoorde is there a way to change my username? I would love to just be @remie instead of the current @collabsoft. Unfortunately I cannot change this in the preferences page.

Hey Remie,

You should be able to do this in your user profile under preferences.

If you cannot do it I can do it for you.

Do keep in mind that this will break all @collabsoft mentions.

@pvandevoorde The username is not an input field, it’s just plain text. Don’t know how to change this…

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Don’t worry @remie :wink: .

I changed it for you.


I like this website a lot. Is it possible for organizations to host something like this internally?

@sylvie, we are using Discourse as the underlying platform for this community.

It’s open source so you can certainly use it for your own organization.


What happened to all questions/answers/stats/swag-links/most of the profile data? Nothing looks the same, question i asked weeks ago are completely gone along with possible responses, and links just lead to the main part of the forum?

How can you state “The community is that much richer with you in it - so thanks for participating!” while deleting/failing to migrate parts of the content we help building up?

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Hey Jonas,

all end-user and administrative content have been migrated to https://community.atlassian.com.
Your stats should also be migrated to that community.

As we are building out this community there might be swag, at this time there is none. But I’m definitely open to suggestions.

This is the Atlassian Developer Community, which is specifically focussed on developers who are extending or building on top of our products. This community is a replacement for a number of Google Groups and we also want it to replace Atlassian Answers as the go-to place for asking Atlassian development questions.

This gives us the possibility to focus both communities on the specific requirements of its members without impacting each other.

When we needed to decide what to do with the developer content on Atlassian Answers we took a look at all developer tags and the content available.
An enormous amount of this content was out of date, incomplete, or never answered. Curating this would have been an enormous task with little return. At that time we decided that the best way to go forward was a brand new community with new content by developers for developers.

We do acknowledge the pain caused by that small part of the content that was still relevant and useful and we are looking at a way we can make this available again. Once again I’m open to suggestions and willing to adapt to the needs of the Developer Community.

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The charm of answers.atlassian.com was that once a product was EOL, people could and were recommended by support to find their answers there, something a lot of us spent a sufficient amount of time contributing to. This effort is what atlassian now deem outdated. As for the question i asked on the 14th of March this is not the case at all, it simply disappeared due to a formula saying “if no answers drop”.

Yes, migrating atlassian products have been a pain that most of us admins have been forced to do, a process many times full of hack to the left and right to make it happen in lack of better functionality the better part of 10 years. I am missing all kinds of “eating your own dogfood”-mentality(an expression i funny enough learned at a Atlassian release-party) when we are all forced to do this effort to retain data in our environments, while Atlassian seem unable to do the same.

Would it not make sense leaving answers.atlassian.com as a legacy solution we could still find our stuff in while importing what you deemed useful to community.development.atlassian.com and make sure new question could only be posted there?

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Jonas, I like the suggestion about setting up a read-only archive.
It’s one of the options we looked at and decided to not pursue.

I’ll look into what is possible, but I can’t make any promises.

What is this…:

I been using Atlassian stuff for 7 years, developing, posting and stuff… now Im considered a new user… I feel You arrogance is getting worse and worse :fearful:

Hey Normann,

I know you are not new to the Atlassian Ecosystem but our community platform still thinks so.
This is one of many safeguards to protect us from the spam that was rampant on Atlassian Answers.

I’m sorry if this made your feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. I can assure you that we love having you as part of our community.

As soon as you’ve been active for a little while in the community you will be able to post without restrictions.



im developing new chrome extension for reading queue from my jira which shows every ticket which assign to us and i need some rest api for queue, can you help me to find a rest API for somthing like projects/assitance1/queues/custom/5


hi @erfanpj,

This is just a welcome topic.
The best place to ask your question is probably going to be the Jira category.

Make sure to take a look at our documentation as it might already contain the information you are looking for.

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