Welcome To The New Trello Developer Forum

Hello Intrepid Trello Developers,

This is the new home for conversations and questions regarding Trello’s APIs and Power-Ups Platform. I’m Bentley, the developer advocate at Trello. This is the place for you to ask questions, show off what you’re working on, and learn from the Trello team what changes are coming to the platform. I’m excited to have you here and am looking forward to you being a part of the Trello developer community.

If you’re new here, I recommend perusing the Top topics and checking out the lastest topics in Announcements.

Why the change?

Up until now (August 2019), we’ve had a Slack channel dedicated to developers as part of the Trello Community Slack Workspace. It was a great place to meet other Trello developers and chat in real-time about what was being worked on. As with the Trello Slack Community at-large, it was becoming harder and harder to scale answering questions in near realtime. We have developers around the world building on Trello and although I would love to be awake 24/7 to help everyone build all of the cool things they are building, it isn’t something that scales well. But don’t fret! I’m still here and we have many people from the Trello Ecosystem team available to answer questions. In fact, we have custom alerts setup to notify us when a question goes unanswered! Additionally, there are community champions that are true experts when it comes to building on Trello here to help answer questions too.

Another downside to the chat is that a lot of great questions have been asked and answered but there is no record of the question and answer! Inevitably, someone asks the same question again at a later date, and we don’t have a way to point at the solution that resolved the question previously. Now, topics that are answered can be marked as solved, and the solution can be linked to. Additionally, answered topics to common questions can rank in SEO so that folks getting stuck and searching on the web can more easily find the answers they need.

Why stick around and participate?

We have a lot of great projects underway for the Trello platform! When we are looking for feedback on ideas or for beta testers, we’ll always look here first. We want to make sure those active folks in the community are given first priority when it comes to trying out new APIs and capabilities. By voicing your opinion here, you’re in the driver’s seat for our roadmap. We’ll continue to look to the community to guide our thinking on what we should build next.

If there is something missing from the community that you’d like to have, let us know! We’re here because you are. Thanks for continuing to build on Trello!


Looking forward to continuing learning and developing here. Trello: @jeremyneander

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I guess leveraging Atlassian resources does make sense, after all… :wink: @tatablack

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Thank you - orah123.

I’m sure I’ll be a regular guest since I’m working on a system that we’re integrating with Trello

P.S. Getting reward for reading whole post made me chuckle :v @karolstruk1

I, myself, aren’t a developer but as a business owner of a company (22d) that integrates and develops customer apps I am still interested in contributing to this community from time to time. Great to see you using your own tools :blush:

I am good at reading the first and last sentence of a blog post like this soooo0oo… @da_allgeier

Hello, Dominik.

Two suggestions for development.

1- Recommend make the checklists columns on the cards be collapsible to the header. That way, when multiple checklists are used, users can jump to the one they want to see, expand and interact.

2- I know you’ve had this recommendation before. But we really need more color palettes for the labels. There are so many opportunities for organizing and visualizing through the colored labels that are not being leveraged.

I appreciate your time.

Kind regards,
Dan Robinson
Senior Quality Engineer
Assa Abloy Americas

Nice to hear that the forum was moved here!




How to set x-frame options to ‘SAMEORIGIN’ IN Trello.

By default it is set to ‘DENY’ and the page content is not visible.