We're developing an add-on cloud version. log in event intercept..... possible?

We’re developing an add-on cloud version.

Question 1
If I log in to the cloud version, can I intercept the login event on add-on?

For example, in Add-on server versions, does atlassian-plugin.xml provide the same functionality as servlet-filter?

We are currently developing atlas-connect-express. Is the web hook the same function?

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Unfortunately, the answer to both of these questions would be no as far as I know. :frowning:

A webhook would just let you know that it already happened, you’d have no way to intercept it. And if I’m not mistaken I think I read somewhere on here that the user login / logout webhook events are not working anymore (even though you might still be able to find them in the docs).

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Thank you for your reply.
If it’s not webbook, then is there another way?

I’m afraid this is a no as well. For the Atlassian Cloud you have to think differently about add-ons/apps that you do on Server. On Server, you can do full-fledged apps that can change existing functionality, add new features or even take unwanted functionality away. In the Cloud, you can only add new functionality and that only in sandboxed and limited ways.

So, in the Cloud you’ll have to view apps more as external standalone services that you are integrating into your Atlassian host - not really as add-ons like you do on Server. You can not change how an existing button in Confluence or Jira looks or behaves. You cannot remove any features you don’t like or would need to remove to comply with certain formal restrictions. You have to accept the base product as is and can only add new features for example in the form of a panel that displays new information on your issues or a Confluence macro that does the same.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you for your answer.

We are not adding or removing existing functions.

If the user logs in, event listener is required for login or logout, which was previously provided by web hook.

Can I call an api of similar nature from the plug-in and receive it?

Another question is, is there an api that tells you the user’s last login time?

Thank you!!

Well you said you wanted to intercept the login process which would certainly fall into the category of modifying existing functionality.

I am not aware of any such APIs. If you can’t find any in the official Confluence Cloud REST API docs then you’re out of luck I’m afraid.


Thank you for your answer.

Thank you for your detailed answer.

Another question is, is there an api that can tell you the last login time of a cloud user?

Hi @jhpark,

I don’t think there is API providing the last login time of a cloud user. Since you also asked this in Cloud User last login time or User last active... add on about, I assume you are developing a Jira Cloud app so you should make sure you are familiar with the following documentation relevant to user data:


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Thank you for your answer.
Your opinion was helpful.

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