We're updating Atlassian Account login to Developer Community

This is a quick heads up that we’re updating Atlassian Account login for Developer Community to use OIDC / OIDC consent. As a result, you may be asked to re-consent to sharing your Atlassian Account profile with the Developer Community.

What does the new login screen look like?

Note: there will be custom text (not pictured here) linking to the Community License Agreement that you’ve consented to when first signing up for Developer Community.

We’re getting ready to launch profile visibility controls for Atlassian Account in a few weeks. While profile visibility controls will apply your personal privacy settings to any in product experience, these settings will not apply to services like Developer Community (other services moving to OIDC include JAC, CAC, Atlassian Community, GSAC, etc.). The new OIDC auth and consent screen inform you of these changes.

Note: We are not changing your Developer Community profile information in any way. You will still appear in the developer community as you do today (with your avatar and current display name).

Should you want to change those you may at any time in the developer community via your user profile page (see below).

We use your Atlassian AccountID to associate to your profile in the event that you want to delete your Atlassian Account so that we can automatically anonymize your profile in the Developer Community as part of your right to be forgotten.

What should you do if you have any issues logging in?
In the event you are unable to login to the Developer Community as a result of this change, please immediately raise a ticket with our Developer Support team via. go.atlassian.com/devhelp